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Extreme Landings Pro MOD APK 3

Extreme Landings Pro is developed by Rorots – a company that has a lot of experience in the development of aeroplane simulation games. Some earlier products that you may know are AirFighters, F18 Carrier Landing, Extreme Landings, Real Flight Simulator or Extreme Landings Pro that I am recommending. As you can see, most of them are paid games, but millions of people paid for the experience offered by Rorots.

Become a pilot and experience real-life flights. Extreme Landings Pro is not just entertainment, it also gives you more skills and knowledge on how to deal with emergencies or unexpected incidents.

Graphics and sound

The reason I mentioned the visual graphics first because this is the highlight not only of this game but also of the simulation genre in general. They always attract players with vivid graphics, realism on a 3D platform. And it can be said that Extreme Landings Pro is one of the best graphics products in this category.

When you start to experience Extreme Landings Pro, you will be impressed by the vibrancy of every image it brings. The cockpit is designed in detail, simulating quite close to the real-life flight system. Besides the experience of becoming a pilot, you can also explore new landscapes around the world with a completely different high angle of view.

Sound in Extreme Landings Pro is a plus. It is elaborated by the publisher very meticulously, simulating each wind tear, the sound of the environment, mixed with the roar of the engine when taking off/landing.

Many challenges

Flying an aeroplane isn’t as simple as controlling an aeroplane from one place to another. Extreme Landings Pro also offers many challenges to bring you the most enjoyable experiences. You will experience more than 30 typical situations that often happen in reality. And as far as I know, there are 216 small challenges occurring along the way. Every time you complete the challenge, players will receive attractive rewards.

Travel through famous landmarks around the world, stopping at more than 500 famous airports.

Challenges while flying a plane become even more difficult when there is a combination of weather factors. Be steadfast when overcoming thunderstorms, thunder, rain, snow or even bring your plane through fierce storms.

Not only are external factors impacted, but you also have to deal with any internal aircraft problems that may arise. Many dangerous situations such as engine failure, out of fuel, wheels damaged, … Try to master the steering wheel and bring your guests to the ground safely.

How to fly an aeroplane

An aeroplane is one of the machines that manifest the infinite wisdom and creativity of mankind. They are gigantic in size, and to operate this “iron bird” is not easy at all. In order to be able to fly a plane fluently, you have to get used to the control system and many complex engines.

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You will have to tilt the phone to turn left or right. Want to take off the plane, you must tilt upwards and downwards to land. In my opinion, landing is much more difficult than taking off. To be able to land accurately and safely, you must align the speed, direction and height so that you do not get out of the control area.

In addition, you also need to be mentally prepared to fix unexpected problems. If you want to conquer Extreme Landings Pro, my advice is to learn some aeroplane specs. They are very useful for you in missions.

Reading now, you will think that this game is very difficult to control. However, Rorots had taken this into account, so it was adjusted to reduce the complexity of the cockpit’s controls, but kept it practical. If you experience the game of aeroplane simulator for the first time, Extreme Landings Pro will provide you with a mode to gradually get familiar with the control system via manual and test drive mode. Once you get the hang of it, you can explore the other Extreme Landings Pro features. I guess, once you’ve mastered, you’ll never want to land!

The control mechanism is realistic

This game is a game about the flight simulator, so what the player controls are the planes. As many people know, to learn how to fly an airplane, the player must go through a long process. If to get a driver’s license, players only need a few months to study and practice and learn how to fly an airplane; it takes years. This game has successfully brought the control mechanism of the aircraft into the game for players to experience. Although it has been simplified, players still need to spend a lot of time to get used to it. But just try to practice, the player will quickly master all that the game has and become a skilled pilot.

Extreme Landings Pro v3.7.3 Apk

Extreme Landings Pro gives you the power of the sky and the thrill of flight. As you make your way through the sky in this new action-packed game. Take control and challenge yourself to the ultimate pilot with the incredible control and advanced navigation system.

Take on the ultimate challenge of the skies by testing your piloting abilities and handle the most challenging flight conditions ever. Explore the skies with the advanced dashboard panels. Pilot instruments, and take on the hardest terrain to reach the ultimate pilot level. Race the clock in extreme landings as you attempt to cross the finish line first. You will also need to use powerful engines to complete the course and get the best score for your career.

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A number of advanced features

Extreme Landings Pro is a new and exciting version of the popular flight simulators. The game offers a number of advanced features and controls that enable gamers to take their skills… To the skies in true adrenaline-pumping experience. This is highly competitive, fast-paced, and challenging and offers the ability to race against the clock. As you race through the courses with different challenges to complete. The game also allows you to choose from a variety of environments… And challenges as you take on the skies in an exhilarating environment.

Extreme Landings Pro takes you into a highly realistic and advanced world. The game has many levels to complete ranging from beginner to expert… And there are also multiple achievements that can be achieved throughout the game. There are also challenges to complete to unlock the different levels and missions to master.

Extreme Landings Pro is a well-designed game with a simple interface and features. With the game, you can either play on the gamepad or the keyboard, but either option offers the same experience. Extreme Landings Pro features a variety of aircraft including the F-14 Tomcat, F-15 Eagle, C-130 Hercules, and F-16 Fighting Falcon. The game has two modes and features four exciting wings. Three advanced wings, and two weapons to choose from in your career. The game has two difficulty levels, a beginner mode for those looking to start out easy… And a professional mode for those looking to challenge themselves.

Extreme landing pro graphics

The game’s graphics are well done and the scenery and background are rich and vibrant. The game also offers a large variety of different environments to explore and offers the player a number of different flight modes that provide a challenging experience. The player’s aircraft is beautifully rendered as well and the sound effects are very realistic.

The player is given many different missions to fly through, which range from training to taking part in real battles. Each mission has its own set of challenges and there are a variety of different types of challenges that the player can complete.

One of the game’s objective is to earn as much money as possible and finish the game as fast as possible. There are many different options to complete, and there are also numerous achievements to achieve depending on how well you complete the game. Some of the levels are very short and easy to complete while others are long and difficult.

Including score tables

There are also high score tables available, which will allow you to compete with other players around the world. There are also a number of leaderboards and an online ranking system to see where you stand against other players.

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Extreme Landings Pro is a very exciting game with a lot of replay value, and the fact that there is a wide variety of aircraft and missions makes it fun for all ages. The game also offers a number of different challenges to complete as you advance in the game. The game’s graphics, sound, controls are very well thought out and offer a great deal of fun.

More About Extreme Landings Pro

If you like simulation and aircraft management games, we think you should definitely try it. It is one of the famous games of the Android platform which is produced by RORTOS studio. Your aim is to make the flights in accordance with the desired requirements and complete the sections with the aircraft you control. Due to the limitations inside the game. Therefore Mod offers All planes are available.

So you can fly in the desired sections and missions. Long-term game structure, real brand – airplanes in models, different scenarios and more are waiting for you. The graphics are 3D and the sound quality is good. Controls can be provided with two fingers and sensors.

Take the real control.

Test your piloting skills and manage the most critical flight conditions of history.
Resolve emergencies and incidents inspired to real ones, in a crescendo of pure adrenaline.
Start the individual engines, navigate between the equipment dashboards panels and be prepared to solve the over 5,000 possible situations to achieve the highest pilot level.

The simulator includes 24 missions to accomplish, 120 challenges to pass, cartography and worldwide navigation with over 500 accurate airports and weather conditions in real time.

– 24 missions
– 120 challenges of which 6 at global competition
– 15 HD airports
– Fast landing mode with global competition and 5 fault levels.

– Instrument Landing System, ILS
– Primary Flight Display
– Navigation Display
– Meteo Radar to manage Microburst, Ice and wind
– Advanced engines system with ignition, faults and fire extinguisher
– Fuel management with weight balancing, Jettison and real consumption

– Landing gears management with manual unlocking system
– Full control of the rudder, flaps, reversers and spoilers

– Global navigation with settable or in real-time weather conditions, with 548 airports and 1,107 runways
– Cinema replay system
– 3D virtual cockpit with integrated instrumentation
– SRTM30 Plus real terrestrial elevation
– MODIS VCF real coast line
– OpenWeatherMap real-time weather conditions

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