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Palay display coupon

Palay display coupon

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Скачать программу n7player музыкальный плеер

v3.1.2-287 Premium

v3.1.0-276 Premium

v3.1.0-272 Premium

v3.0.10 Premium

Дата обновления: 10 октября 2019

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Чтобы оставлять комментарии,

Херня а не плеер.

most wanted [ Device: Prestigio MultiPad Muze (PMT5021) ] добавлен 21.05.2017 в 09:16
Нет русского языка.очень тупо.

Товарищ выше смотрю написал некрасиво и нечестно! Русский есть! Интерфейс как и звук близки к идеалу! Теперь этот плеер будет одним из моих любимых если срок бесплатного использования будет неограниченным, а то в ролике на ютубе упомянуты какие-то 14 дней!
sanchez613r добавлен 19.07.2015 в 00:15
Кошмар, а не плеер. Насчет одного из лучших как-то сомнительно, стандартный плеер сони выдает звук лучше.

А это что? У тебя музыкальный слух или что? По мне так идеальный и гениальный плеер! И звук просто божественен!
Для тех кто вспоминает В далёком прошлый PowerAmp уже давно не лучший года 4 как не лучший! Разрабы PowerAmp’a давно забыли о том что плеер должен играть музыку людям, а не просто приносить им деньги. Так что лично я уже года 3-4 как не пользовался им увидев тысячи проблем с ним и пользовался всегда для прослушивания музыки PlayerPro Music Player! Теперь вижу у него есть конкурент для меня в лице данного плеера n7player! Этот плеер СУПЕР.

PowerAmp Music Player

Вы наверняка наслышаны об этом плеере, не так ли? Оно и неудивительно: PowerAmp скачали по меньшей мере 10 миллионов человек. Достичь подобных результатов разработчикам удалось благодаря внедрению поддержки огромного количества музыкальных форматов, простоте использования и низкому энергопотреблению.

Кроме того, упоминания достойны эквалайзер, персонализация, отображение текста песен и множество привлекательных виджетов.

Скачать:Google Play

The description n7player Music Player Apk

n7player Music Player is an intuitive audio player giving you an innovative way to browse your music. It provides advanced features in a user-friendly interface.

Quick access to currently playing songs allows for total control in a handy way. Because the ease of use, this app is perfect for beginners but its countless features will satisfy even the most demanding and advanced users.

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All music at your fingertips
Don’t search for your music, with n7player you have access to your whole library in a friendly and intuitive way controlled by simple gestures. Handles all most popular formats including FLAC and OGG.
Unique n7player’s surface is not the only way of browsing through your music library. Play by directories or sort in a more old-school way — albums/artists/tracks.

High quality audio
Thanks to the advanced 10-band equalizer with many presets to choose from and the possibility of creating your own, enjoy your music in high-quality. Tune bass & treble to your liking, enable volume normalization, adjust channel balance and everything you need.

Customize every aspect
Personalizing is your thing? Customize every single element of your player — from changing whole themes, through widgets to lockscreen.

Collect and manage
Playlists are one of the easiest and most effective ways of listening to your favorite music. Keeping this in mind, we have built n7player with this idea as the heart of the player.

Tag editor, album art grabber, scrobbling.
We know how important it is to have the entire library with all the details — album arts, tags, lyrics. Tag editor is a simple but full-featured tool that allows you to correct information contained in your audio files. Use a built-in album art grabber to beautify your music library.

n7player is more than a simple music player. There are far more features than that – read below for the full list.

Here’s a list of selected features of n7player — audio player.
• Plays all most popular filetypes:
mp3, mp4, m4a, ogg, wav, 3gp, mid, xmf, ogg, mkv*, flac**, aac**
• Full-featured, 10 band equalizer:
tunable bass and treble, built-in presets with possibility of creating your own, pre-amp, channel balance, audio normalizations, surround effects and SRS (if available on your device)
• Control what you play:
apart from basic stuff like repeat once, repeat all, shuffle all, n7player adds easily accessible current queue of tracks
• And more:
gapless playback, timer, playback resume.

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• Intuitive and user-friendly music surface:
your whole music in an artist cloud which zooms-in into an album wall
• Filter your music library:
control which artists show up, limit your library to the specified folders, hide albums you don’t want to see
• Personalize your experience:
use your favorite skin, select most suitable widget, install our free music visualizer (BLW), change your lockscreen.
• Browse through folders, old-school library is here too:
sort your library by artists/albums/tracks/genres, browse your folders and manage them
• Cover auto-grabber:
getting your missing album arts will help browsing your library

• Full playlist support:
create, modify or use automatically created ones
• Control your music with a buttons on your headset:
fully configurable buttons on your headset
• Do it your way:
control through notifications, widgets, headset buttons, lockscreen.

• Stream your music to other devices:
n7player connected to ToasterCast allows you to listen to your music on external devices through ChromeCast/AirPlay/DLNA
• Music visualizer:
Connect n7player to our music visualizer – BLW — to bring your homescreen alive through music
• Song lyrics:
Thanks to a free third-party add-on, you can add lyrics to all your songs
• More stuff coming in the future!

*) available on Android 4.0+
**) available on Android 3.1+

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