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School of Dragons

If you loved the movie ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ then you are going to like this dragon game too. School of Dragons is a fun game in which you get to train your dragon and compete in different challenges to become the ultimate dragon trainer. It transports you to Berk and gives you the chance to meet up with Hiccup, Toothless and the rest of the gang from the movie. You will be asked to create and customize your character and then do the same for your dragon after which your dragon training will commence. This game is rooted in science and learning and is thus, an excellent educational game for kids. You are going to learn a lot of new things in addition to having loads of fun when playing it.

School of Dragons has a kid-friendly gameplay and beautiful graphics. You will get to see Berk in all its glory in this dragon game and won’t have any difficulties in playing it. The controls are very responsive and easy to understand. There is a virtual joystick provided at the bottom-left corner of the screen which is for making your character move. Textual cues are provided to tell you the next step that you have to take. There are voiceovers available for some characters as well which help you in understanding what you have to do next. You will see an arrow located just below your character which is going to point you in the direction that you need to go to reach your target location.

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This dragon game comprises of various mini-games. In each mini-game, you have a different objective. For instance, in the fishing game, you have to catch different species of fish. You have to feed these fish to your dragon whenever he gets hungry or feels sad. There is a dragon racing game that you get to play in School of Dragons too. In this game, you have to ride your dragon and race against other dragon trainers from all over the world. There is a building game available to you too which involves growing and decorating your own farm. In addition to these mini-games, you get to play with your dragon and raise him from a baby to a fully grown dragon.

School of Dragons is very educational in nature. You are provided with a lot of knowledge and helpful information regarding the scientific method in this dragon game. Aside from the learning bit, you are given the choice to train various breeds of dragons. You have to keep them safe in stables and take care of them as they grow up. School of Dragons has a social aspect too. You can socialize and chat with other dragon trainers from all over the world in this dragon game.


  • Lots of different species of dragons to train
  • Hatch baby dragons and raise them
  • Customize your character and your dragon
  • Various challenges to complete
  • Explore Berk and other exotic lands
  • Meet with all the characters from the movie
  • Compete in dragon races with other online players
  • Socialize and chat with other dragon trainers
  • Catch different species of fish to feed your dragon
  • Play with your dragon to keep him happy
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School of Dragons is a gaming app which is ideal for fans of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise. It provides them the chance to train a number of different species of dragons and go on an epic adventure with their favorite characters from the movie. It is an excellent dragon game that will prove to be a great addition to your phone’s game collection.

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