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3 Android Wal­let Apps That Work Exact­ly Like Apple’s Pass­book and; Pay

3 Android Wal­let Apps That Work Exact­ly Like Apple’s Pass­book and Pay

Ashish Mundhra

22 Dec 2015

Passbook on iOS, now called Wallet, is a great wallet app to store all your digital passes, tickets, loyalty cards, and gift cards. You can use these passes to do check in for flights, save your movie tickets or hotel check-in passes and even use it to show reward or gift cards in stores while checking out. It reduces the paper clutter and as everything is in your phone, things become more organized.

After I switched from iOS to Android recently, I started missing the feature on my Android device. I started taking screenshots of emails and websites while checking-in to some event. Certainly not what I had in mind. The moment I felt what I am really missing is when I was emailed a passbook file through an online service provider when I asked for a duplicate copy of my air ticket.

But then I thought, there has to be an app for this and started searching. To my rescue, Google launched Android Pay and things have gotten way easier since then. I found 2 other great Android wallet apps on Google Play Store that provide the same functionality as iOS’ passbook or Apple Pay on any Android device. Let’s have a look.

Advancement of Document Management Apps – Passbook the Pioneer

There was a utility iOS app known as Passbook which launched by Apple in September 2012, which allowed you to book your flights, your hotels check-ins, cabs, shopping and other essential aspects of traveling.

It allowed the user to add all the important information simply by scanning its QR code. In addition, Passbook also enabled users to have an easy selection of all their passes from the sidebar since it organizes them in categories. Essentially, the info icon allowed you to view all the information as well as adding them to appear as calendar events.

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Passbook in a great way helped in reducing the hustles associated with accessing electronic boarding passes, coupons, and cards among others. However, advancement in technology would see Apple coming up with the Apple Wallet app, perceived to be a better improvement of Passbook since it contained more additional and epic features.

Part 2. How to Open PKPASS File on Android Phone/Tablet

There is no built-in app comes with an Android which let you open PKPASS file, but it’s still easy. Just download an app called PassWallet from Google Play Store for free. The app will collect all your Passbook / Apple Wallet (.pkpass files) tickets & coupons.

Now tap to open .pkpass file with the PassWallet app, and then you can easily access it from your Android devices. Alternatively, some mobile manufacturers may have built Wallet app in their smartphones, so users don’t need to install third-party apps.

PassWallet – Passbook + NFC

Mit dieser App sammeln Sie Eintrittskarten oder Passcode-Tickets am Android-Gerät, sichern die elektronischen Unterlagen auch in der Cloud und bekommen Kartenfunktionen spendiert.

Auch mit PassWallet – Passbook + NFC können Sie Ihre Tickets und Eintrittskarten wie mit Apple Wallet verwalten. Wie bei allen Android-Wallets, klappt das auch hier mit dem Original-Dateiformat .pkpass. Die App findet passende Dateien automatisch, dazu kann entweder der Download-Ordner (schnell) oder die gesamte Verzeichnisstruktur (langsamer) durchsucht werden. Nett: Der Import klappt hier auch automatisch beim Start der App und das Tool kann den Gerätespeicher dezent im Hintergrund durchforsten. Ein optischer Scanner steht hier erst nach einem zusätzlichen aber kostenlosen Download zur Verfügung. iBeacon-Standorte können Sie hier ebenfalls anzeigen lassen und Sicherungskopien sind via Google Drive oder Dropbox möglich. Stark: Alle gespeicherten Tickets können Sie mit der App verschlüsseln, das kann besonders auf älteren Geräten aber einen Moment dauern.

Letztes Update von 2016

Obwohl dieses Android-Wallet seit geraumer Zeit keine Updates mehr gesehen hat, funktioniert das Tool noch zuverlässig. Auch Layout und Handhabung müssen sich nicht verstecken, das Design liegt aber irgendwo zwischen gewöhnungsbedürftig und Geschmackssache. Die Werbung in der App verschwindet zum kleinen Preis: Für einmalig 1,00 € wird das Wallet werbefrei.

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Fazit zum Test der Android-App PassWallet – Passbook + NFC

Mit automatischem Import, einer erweiterten Sortierfunktion sowie mit optionaler Verschlüsselung, kann sich dieses Android-Wallet trotz einer langen Update-Pause noch behaupten.

Deutschsprachig, kostenlos

Way 4: Opening PKPASS Files on a Mac

In order to view pkpass files on your Mac, you will need to use the iPhone emulator. The iPhone emulator is built into Xcode for Mac so you need to download and install Xcode on your Mac. And then you will be able to view the pkpass files on your Mac.

If you are having trouble viewing pkpass files in the Passbook app on your iOS device, then you can try restoring your device to an iTunes backup. However, you will not be able to do that if you have forgotten the password for the backup file. If that’s the case, then you can use 4uKey – iTunes Backup to recover password of an iTunes backup within 3 steps.

Updated on 2020-07-31 / Update for iPhone Tips

How to open your Android Phone / Tablet PKPASS file

There’s no built-in Android app that allows you to open PKPASS, but it’s still simple. Only download an app from the Google Play Store called PassWallet free of charge. The app gathers all your tickets and vouchers for your Passbook / Apple Wallet(.pkpass files).

Now tap open the PassWallet app to open the.pkpass file and you can easily access it from your Android devices. Additionally, some mobile companies may have installed Wallet app on their smartphones to prevent users from downloading third-party applications.


Pasbuk is an application that does not go around the bush, since despite not having too many additional options and a simpler design, it perfectly fulfills the task to which it is dedicated, Read and organize the different entries in Passbook format.

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The only innovative function with respect to other applications is that it offers more information in text of which we find in the rest of the applications such as terms and conditions or the possibility of share a card with a friend so we can send you your ticket.

In addition, Pasbuk has the possibility of synchronize with the calendar service that we have in our device, in order to improve the organization.

  1. Download Pasbuk for Android

What is a PKPASS file?

PKPASS file a file system that used for the passbook, an iOS 6 app used for the saving lodging passes loyalty cards, coupons, movie ticket, and other passes. And it may cover areas that provided by the vendor in a user-generated pass. The PKPASS files can be used for the track authorization codes, balance, logins, and others information.

The PKPASS files is a ZIP format file that can cover logo images, digital signature and pass formatting info. If you want to view the contents of the PKPASS file, then you can rename the “.PKPASS” extension to “.zip” then use a Zip program to extract the files.

Have Any Recommendation?

So these were the two iOS Passbook Wallet-like apps you can use on your Android. If you would like to recommend any other passbook on Android, please join us in our discussion forum.

Did you know that Samsung also has its own app for mobile payments, called Samsung Pay. This app is available on Samsung Galaxy devices.

Last updated on 10 Aug, 2018
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