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YouTube Premium Mod APK No Ads, Dark Mode

YouTube Premium Mod APK v15.35.49 [No Ads, Dark Mode]

YouTube Mod APK Download Latest Version – Hello, friends all of you are welcome in our apkspure.com, friends in today’s post I’ve brought with you, Youtube premium mod apk which you’ll download from post it for free and install it on your Android device, live video streaming.

But you’ll be able to do it through a third-party application, name youtube apk, this og youtube apk file you need to download, on your Android device, then a file and do, which will be on the microg name. It also has to be set up, then you will be able to easily make this youtube available on your Android device with more premium services in your dark mod.

If you use this youtube premium mod apk, dark mode and screen minimization on your youtube background, ads have also been turned off, in this mod app. The YouTube app is one of the most popular videos streaming apps, using it monthly by billions of people.

Millions of videos are uploaded to this youtube platform, which creates new videos and uploads to this YouTube platform, then they see and download users of this Yutub platform, so I thought it was for them to give you a youtube premium app for service free, which I am giving you today through a youtube mod apk.

Youtube mod apk will not be able to see the ad and no ads will appear on your entire YouTube platform and enable your background dark mod and set up a few features automatically.


If you are looking for your Netflex Premium account, then you do not need to go anywhere, because in this you are getting a Netflex Premium account, which is all you need to download the Netflix Premium Mod APK, which has given you the button on it. Click it

What is YouTube Mod?

YouTube Mod is the best-forked version of the YouTube App for Android with features like background play, direct video download, pop-up box, dark mode and more without any Ads. The App has core design and UI as the original YT App with G-Account Login access.

Features of Mod YouTube App

  • Works as YouTube – The core functionality and UI is basically the same as official YouTube App.
  • Video Downloading – You can download videos directly from the Mod App with the desired quality. It also has the feature of multiple videos downloading.
  • Music Download – You can download MP3 music with different Bitrates available.
  • No Need of Root – You do not require any root access to the App
  • Background Play – You can play YouTube videos in the background with a one-click button.
  • Ad-Free – The App is ad-free so you can relax and watch your favourite content without much disturbance.
  • Multitasking PiP Mode (Pop-Up Window) – You can reduce the video to take a small portion of your screen so that you do other stuff on your device.
  • Dark Mode – You can use YouTube Dark Mode on your Android Device.
  • Support and Stability – Support Android 4.4+ and app is highly stable.
  • Run Parallel with Default YouTube App

Download Links

The App is developed by RaddixCore who are popular and reliable developers. The file has been scanned using various anti-virus Apps like Shield, Norton, Avast and AVG. The file is also tested on the emulator and TurstGo Ad Detector App for any malicious nature. And from our test, we can assure you that the App is Safe to Download.

Go to Download Page

Difference Between OGYouTube Mod and YouTube Vanced

OGYouTube Mod is a counterfeit version of YouTube App with added features like video and music download which you can download on your device storage. Also, YouTube Mod is designed based on the older version of YT App. On the other hand, YouTube Vanced is an Unlocked YouTube Premium without any special download feature and coming with the same YouTube design.

Note: To login with G-Account you need to download an additional APK file named microG. While logging in Click you will be redirected to mirror website to download the microG App. Download and install the microG. Just keep it on your device. Open the YouTube Vanced and enjoy the features.

How to Install Youtube Vanced APK Step by Step

Step 1- Open Settings of your Phone, Go to Security & Enable Unknown Sources.

Step 2- Install the Youtube Vanced Apk which you Downloaded from the above links. (Click on Allow from this source if asked)

Step 3- Download Micro G App in order to Sign In Google Accounts (Important) Download MigroG v0.2.12

Step 4- Install Micro G App.

Step 5- Open the Youtube Vanced App & Sign In.

Enjoy Ad Free Youtube Videos with Background Play.

Final Words

In Short, It is a very useful Youtube Modified Version of Official Youtube for getting Ad-Free Experience while Watching Videos.

It is available for Both Root and Non-Rooted Users.

Sadly, Youtube Vanced is not available for iOS Device Users.

Comment below if you have any Query or Questions!


The lightweight
YouTube experience
for Android

Do you like watching videos on YouTube but want an intuitive, feature-rich and privacy friendly app for that?

NewPipe has been created with the purpose of getting the original YouTube experience on your smartphone without annoying ads and questionable permissions.

The application is open source and you can check on it at GitHub.

Main Features

NewPipe – the smart streaming solution

Little Data Consumption


Customize your download:

  • Set title
  • Choose between video, audio or captions download
  • Select the most suitable file format
  • Download the resolution you need

Extended Privacy

We protect your privacy

  • No proprietary Google APIs
  • Only send information which are required to get video and channel details
  • Decide what information we keep
  • We store everything offline on your device

Background Player

Listen to your favourite music while using other apps:

  • Play in background
  • Pro tip: close NewPipe to save RAM and battery
  • Create playlists for an endless music experience
  • Save mobile data volume (we only download the audio)

Popup Player

Never stop playing!

  • View videos whenever you like
  • Resize and move it wherever you like
  • Use the full comfort of our normal video player
  • Pro tip: switch between all players with one click
  • Available for all Android versions


Never miss updates again:

  • Subscribe to a channel with one click
  • Use your custom feed
  • Watch your favourite channels
  • Easily import and export your local subscriptions from other devices

Bookmarks and Local Playlists

Endless music

  • Create your own playlists
  • Import playlists
  • Mark your favourite videos
  • Import your data on other devices to save time


Go back in time

  • Watch your favourites again
  • Search suggestions based on your last searches
  • Easily open what you watch most
  • Control what we keep for you

What other people think

one of the most used apps on my Phone

Such a great app – it is probably the app I use most on my phone!

You really do have a quality app, which is a rarity.

NewPipe is one of the best applications on mobile today.

Get NewPipe

F-Droid is a trusted catalogue of Free and Open Source applications for Android.

Install the F-Droid app to get notified about updates. It enables you to download and update them too.

F-Droid respects your privacy. They don’t track you, or your device.
We would like to thank them for providing their services in this way.

You can also add our F-Droid repository to your client to receive updates even faster.

Show Hide QR-code

Release Highlights

  • YouTube: fixed YouTube deobfuscation errors

Need help?

  • Did you enable unknown sources?
  • Do you have problems updating?

NewPipe is free and open source

Your advantages

  • Quick help when you have a problem (nobody’s ever had one)
  • Dozens of people bring NewPipe forward and translate it into 60+ languages.
  • You can check the source code on GitHub and contribute to NewPipe.
  • NewPipe is covered by the GPL 3.0 license.
  • Get NewPipe from F-Droid and discover more FOSS apps.
  • NewPipe is available for free

Support NewPipe

Why NewPipe is free

  • We love what we are doing
  • NewPipe is powered by a growing community
  • Our goal is to make the internet a more free (libre) place and open it for everyone
  • Your donations cover a majority of our costs
  • F-Droid, Weblate, Sentry and other companies offer their services to open source projects for free

Like the idea?

We hope so! But don’t forget, a lot of time and energy goes into this, and we share it with you.

We offer you ways to support our work by donations – so we can get some extra snacks during work!

YOUTUBE RED APK What’s New in Update:

Youtube Red Download Latest version

  • No-root needed to install
  • No need to uninstall official YouTube can install as a secondary YouTube.
  • Whole new ad blacking method
  • Simplified mod to enable background playback
  • Enable/Disable background playback via Settings
  • Force VP9 Codec option for better video quality and lesser bandwidth usage (Settings -> MOD Settings)
  • Pinch to zoom enabled on all devices
  • With the help of modded microG, Login & Casting works with all features (no ads on external devices not guaranteed)

Youtube mod apk will help you to enjoy all videos without disturbing ads, ie you can remove youtube ads on android easily with this mod apk of youtube. Get the latest version from APKReal.io and enjoy unlimited videos on your smartphone.

This app contains child mode to avoid explicit content purely, it’s like a youtube kid and avoids all 16+ contents.

  • Enable/Disable Suggestions Cards on videos (Settings -> MOD Settings)
  • Override Max Resolution Limit (Settings -> MOD Settings)
  • Preferred Video Quality switch (WiFi/Data) (Settings -> MOD Settings)
  • Enable/Disable Info Cards on videos (Settings -> MOD Settings)
  • Enable/Disable channel branding watermark on videos (Settings -> MOD Settings)

How to install Youtube Vanced apk on android?

  • Download the latest YouTube Red from the download section.
  • Install it as you would normally install any other apk.
  • Download & Install sign-in fix apk from the download section to solve the google login.
  • Enjoy

How to fix Login & Chromecast issue in Youtube Red Mod Apk?

Known Bugs:
Offline mode doesn’t work properly, the app keeps refreshing, to watch saved videos you have to search for it.

Youtube Red App Free Premium v15.40.70 (Vanced) | APKReal

Enjoy no root Youtube Red apk (Vanced) v15.40.65 watch favorite videos without ADS and Play Videos Background on this YouTube mod app on Android.

Price: 0.0

Price Currency: USD

Operating System: Android

Application Category: Multimedia

Download YouTube Music Premium APK Mod for Android

I forgot to mention that there is another app called YouTube Vanced Edition

Surprisingly, here we provide YouTube Music Mod for both Non-rooted and Magisk installed devices.

Due to to the package changes happens in both the apps, the google play service won’t serve you to login into your account. This needs MicroG APK to be installed on android device to sign in for Non-Rooted devices . Otherwise, this Mod won’t work.

Kindly download from below (No Root) and MicroG

Note: You must install MicroG with Non-Rooted App to work perfectly.


  • Background Play even on phones lock (Is it kinda big feature? I don’t think so )
  • No Advertisements – This is the real thing everybody wants.
  • Recommendations – Based on location, user usage and many aspects.
  • Hotlist – Shows what’s trending your area or worldwide.
  • Plays video along with the audio – Option available to disable it. All you have to do is; tap on ‘Just Listen to’ button.
  • Download songs – Not possible with this YouTube Music Premium mod though.
  • Sections – Playlists, Albums, Songs that you liked, and Artists you subscribed.
  • Super high-quality audio.
  • Equalizer – Adjust bass and all.
  • Restrict Mode – It hides the content that contains inappropriate things flagged by users and other signals.
  • Captions

What is YouTube Vanced?

injected YouTube Background Playback (iYTBP) was the first name of the app after renamed the project as YouTube (Ad)Vanced. The idea came from the Xposed Module for You Tube Video Playback. Since the Xposed Module had some problems working with the Android Nougat, this app was designed with all features of that module.

YouTube VancedВ is an advanced version based on the official You Tube app, lets you watch videos without any in video advertisements. It’s totally ad-free version like Youtube ad blocker injected into the original app. Also, there are many advanced features that official app doesn’t offer like PiP (Picture in Picture) mode which allows playing video while using another app (only works with Oreo Roms) and play videos in the background while screen locked.

Not Included

is a custom recovery which does not come with the installer.
You will need to install TWRP on your rooted phone before flashing YouTube Vanced installer on a rooted device.

Download Option
video download option doesn’t include in the Vanced app/module.
It will be added in future. However, offline video feature is available.

How to Install YouTube Vanced?

There is no doubt installing on Non-Rooted devices, just download the suitable APK file for your device from the Non-Root Downloads page and install it normally and additionally install MicroG package found in the download links in order to be able to log into google account (not necessary if you don’t want to log in).

For the Rooted devices and Magisk module, there will need a little bit more work. Rooted devices must have a custom recovery like TWRP for flashing installer. You can find the step by step installation guide for each one in the download pages.

Official Installer – (Ad)Vanced Options

Vanced makes use of each ytva settings.sh and ytva plz files as parameters while installing.

Using the ytva settings.sh

  • SEARCHFOLDER – Path to search for iYTBP Apks (must be a subfolder on sdcard!)
  • MAGINSTALL – UseВ magiskВ module installation instead ofВ rootВ installation.
  • DETACH – DisconnectВ You Tube from google play to disable update notifications.
  • ATTACH – ConnectВ You Tube to google play if previously disconnected.
  • UNINSTALL – Fully uninstall iYTBP:В rootВ version,В magiskВ moduleВ and detachВ module.

Using the ytva plz files (use only the ones you want and should be placed in /sdcard/Download/)

  • ytva_install_via_magisk.plz – UseВ magiskВ module installation instead ofВ rootВ installation
  • ytva_detach_from_playstore.plz – Detach You Tube from google play to disable update notifications.
  • ytva_attach_to_playstore.plz – Attach You Tube to google play if it was previously detached.
  • ytva_uninstall.plz – Completely uninstall iYTBP:В rootВ version,В magiskВ moduleВ and detachВ module.

Known Bugs

  1. Buying things within the nonroot version causes crash. Likely due to MicroG but to be honest, it’s better this way for your security. Please use original youtube app to buy the stuff you want.
  2. Preferred speed and Preferred quality not working for playlists.
  3. Live chat, Share window and Accounts dialog is not themed. (fixed in 13.32.52)
  4. ExoPlayer V2 might crash when return from background playback on someВ devices.

FAQs About Vanced

Where is the normal (white) APK goes?
White is included in both versions choose the alternate theme you prefer for the night time etc.

Do I need to install detach script for every new update?

Can I install this normally as other APKs?
Only non-root version. You cannot install it in the normal way on rooted or magisk root devices.

Is there video download feature?
No, but there is official YouTube offline video feature available for supported countries.

After the installation, YouTube app not showing in the app drawer, why?
Because you didn’t use the latestВ magiskВ manager orВ installer (this only concerned for Oreo).

Will “Crop to Fit” feature work on S8 & S8+ devices?
Yes! It will work only in the rooted version. Not works in the non-root version because the package name is changed. However, there is an alternate Pinch to Zoom feature available with same functions.

Is watch history working?
Yes! But you have to whitelist “s.youtube.com” in your adblocker and make sure your gmail account is connected properly if using non-root version due to microG.

Does PiP (Picture in Picture) mode work?
Yes, but only in Oreo.


Credits for iYTBP developer

We must thank XDA Senior Dev Master_T for making the app with the idea of Xposed Module of You Tube Background Playback.

Credits for Team Vanced

All thanks go to the below team of XDA developers for continuing the iYTBP project as YouTube Vanced with so many added advanced features.

  • @RazermanВ (Mods and Theming)
  • @ZanezamВ (Publishing)
  • @Laura almeidaВ (Theming)
  • @KevinX8В (Magisk Module)


With the YouTube Vanced app, now you can enjoy an ad-free version of You Tube on your Android. It is 100% safe to use as it is the official app with injected features in the Xposed module for background playback. All credit goes to the original developers mentioned above. Please be mind to select suitable APK for your architecture and flash the files at your own risk.

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