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10 best applocks and privacy lock apps for Android! (Updated 2019)

10 best applocks and privacy lock apps for Android! (Updated 2019)

The applock is most likely essentially the most rudimentary of safety apps. How it works is that it is going to lock up your different apps from prying eyes. That means you don’t have to fret about any person having access to your Fb, gallery app, or banking app. They paintings absolute best when paired with a lock display lock to provide you with two layers of safety. Which of them are value getting? We’ll permit you to out with the most efficient applocks and privateness lock apps for Android! You’ll be able to be informed extra about applocks through clicking right here! It’s necessary to notice that this isn’t an end-all-be-all resolution for safety. It’s just right for children or snoopy pals. On the other hand, those supply little or no actual safety for such things as stolen telephones. We extremely counsel proceeding to make use of a lock display as a result of they’re a lot more protected.

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10 absolute best safety apps for Android that aren’t antivirus apps!

five absolute best in finding my telephone apps and different in finding my telephone strategies too!

Android phones do offer compatibility to install number of applications, at times even the untrusted third-party applications, a simple Man-in-the-disk attack or an Android malware may have the privileges to read into the personal data and securing against these attacks will require a lot of work.

Personal applications like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Mails and financial applications like Gpay, Paytm, Banking apps should be secured using an App Locks to keep our information and data secured.

In this article, we’ll look into the top best 10 App Locks applications and there are many app locks download websites available but you can download it on Google Play Store for your Android devices.

Another perk is this app comes completely for free.

The app locks software plays a vital role in securing personal and sensitive data, it acts as your complete privacy guardian, by having this utilities you can avoid bothering if your friends operating your device.

10 Best Android Lock Apps (2020) for Apps, Folder, Whatsapp

Android has become one of the most favorite operating systems for smartphones and tablets in today’s generations. Although Android boasts of its extremely customizable features and accessories to go with its exceedingly user-friendly interface it lags behind in terms of security. Prevent your private Data from going in the hand of intruders with simple and easy to install app lockers.

Even though latest models of smartphones come equipped with ultra-modern versions of fingerprint scanners, face recognition and voice recognition it is not possible to protect data stored in individual apps. Changes are being implemented with custom UI introduced by some smartphone brands but for the majority, the lack of app protection pose a serious threat to privacy and security of users.

Smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives with continuous developments and innovations in the field of technology. We click, we share, we capture moments but prefer to be private at times for whatsoever reasons giving rise to an immediate need for security. Online banking and shopping also possess their fair share of security threats.

Therefore the immediate security threats entailed the creation of locking apps. Since then a multitude of app development houses has come up with their locking apps. Let us look at few of the best locking apps available at the google play store.


Boasting over 100 million downloads, this is the most celebrated locking app by Domomobile. The app allows its users to lock their data connection and wifi connection along with the regular app lock. One of the most unique features offered by the app remains to be its Vault. The vault allows you to store your photos and videos without worrying about privacy and security.

Additionally, the App supports 24 languages to suit its users along with its extremely user-friendly user interface. It also provides the provision to create different profiles for guest users. Currently, there is a free and premium version to download from APP store.

CM Security

Cheetah mobile’s CM Security is an elemental malware protection app along with being an app locker. This app acts as a multipurpose condensed app for various purposes like safe VPN connection, app lock, and vault, message security, WIFI security, Caller ID to name a few.

This app provides a plethora of features and accessories for smartphones but unfortunately, the user may never actually require them. This app also comes with paid and unpaid version. But it’s recommended using the free version as a better bargain.

Norton App Lock

Norton is a name to reckon with in terms of anti-virus and security it offers for PCs. Norton has separate anti-virus package for smartphone users but it has unbundled the app locking feature from the set. This app performs well and rarely hangs to provide a smooth operating experience to its users.

The app comes at no cost and yet it never pesters you with a ton of advertisements. This app is equipped with elemental security features like invisible app lock and clicks intruder selfie on multiple failed attempts to access the device or app locked with this app.


An extremely fast and reliable app from the house or share it. This app secures your smartphone, apps, photos as well as videos from the prying eyes of intruders. Additional attributes include disguise feature which prompts a fake photo to keep the intruder away from attacking the password.

Other noteworthy attributes include the option of changing passwords based on security questions, junk cleaner, notification cleaner and power saving mode to name a few.


A gem of an app developed by Liquidium, HEXapp is really popular among its users and tech geeks alike. The unique provision provided in this app to create as many profiles to use such as home, work, parental, party, café and school to ensure the protection of your device from the prying eyes of any intruder under any circumstance.

The app allows you to set a PIN, password or pattern to protect the confidential and private data stored on your device along with photos and videos.

A feature very similar to the vaults provided in other apps of similar category can be traced in the form of hidden photos and videos in case of this app. It is equipped with the provision to capture the selfie of an intruder attempting to tamper your device’s security.

Smart AppLock

This app comes along with a plethora of unique and intelligent features to do justice to its claim of being a smart lock. This app provides the provision of PIN, password, and pattern to lock apps and other important data. This app here has employed the feature of intruder selfie which captures the selfie of the intruder attempting to unlock your device multiple times.

The photo of the intruder is then sent to the user via an Email to the registered email id provided by the use at the beginning of the registration. This app has the ability to outsmart any intruder by faking an app crash to divert their attention. Additional benefits provided by the app include the provision to lock Bluetooth, wifi and data connectionIncoming and outgoing calls can also be locked by the.

You can restrict the unlock attempts in this lock screen app. So, the app offers good options for your privacy. You can also lock or unlock your device remotely just by sending an SMS. The app size is just 3MB and it works very well.

Private Zone

Another popular name in the app locking market, this app locks your applications, secures your device efficiently and conceals your confidential photos and videos as well. This app offers two modes to create your app locking password either by means of a PIN or digital password.

Another innovative and useful feature from this app has to be parental control which allows you to protect your private data from your kids as well as prevent kids from shopping using your bank details without your permission.

Additionally, this app protects your browsing history, cleans browsing history at frequent intervals and boosts the speed of your phone for a better user experience.

AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock – Fingerprint Unlock is another marvel from the house of Cheetah mobile the makers of the Clean master. This app is not a hoarder of unnecessary features like phone booster or anti-virus to complicate the user interface and deliver an intangible user experience.

This app is a simple app in terms of its functioning, it allows you to lock your apps using a fingerprint scanner. Additionally, this app boasts f intruder selfie feature which captures the image of any violator who commits failed attempts at unlocking your device.

This app can lock Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, uninstallations to name a few. This app is free to be downloaded and tested. This app stands to be a good option to protect your device from kids or friends but doesn’t do much good in case your phone gets stolen.

Avast Antivirus 2018

The brilliant free app launched for the Android platform, Avast Mobile Security comes equipped with a multitude of necessary tools. A foolproof app that comes with virus protection, app scanner to procure and provide the utility details of each app along with a web shield to scan URLs for malware.

This app comes with a host of additional features bundled together like a call blocker to blacklist numbers causing any trouble to the user, App locker equipped with PIN option lets you protect your confidential apps and a wifi scanner to secure your wifi connection and boost phone speed.

Unfortunately, the user must subscribe to the paid version of the app to enjoy anti-theft features and advertisement free user interface.

Privacy Knight

An excellent option for people looking for free security app without the interference of advertisements.
This app provides three modes to lock and secure your apps along with gallery namely PIN, pattern and face recognition.

A very unique and innovation secret door featured comes embedded in this app which lets the user change the icon of the app which he or she wishes to hide or lock for enhanced security and privacy.

8 Best App Locker for Android 2020

1. AppLock

AppLock developed and published by DoMobile Lab is one of the most popular app locker for Android from the last few years. If you have tried any app lock in the past, you might not have missed trying the Applock by DoMobile Lab. The Applock can do all the basic stuff like locking up all the apps on your smartphone. Apart from locking all the apps, it can even lock specific images, videos, (photo and video vault) and toggles like WiFi, Bluetooth, data etc.

The most essential feature of this AppLock is that you can to hide this specific Uninstall protection, and Fingerprint support is offered in this app locker. It even has a power saving mode, which let’s you use this app without any worry of draining battery on your device. The AppLock is completely free, and even includes premium version.

2. Norton App Lock

From the popular anti-virus maker, Norton, the Norton App Lock is yet another best App Locker for Android. Similar to the above mentioned AppLock, the Norton App Lock offers PIN, Password or Pattern lock screen to keep your Android device secure and private. The best part of Norton App Lock is that: it offers you to set a recovery email along with a “Sneak peak Feature” that takes the photos of the user who enter the wrong password 3 times. This app can lock all the apps ranging from social media to banking, along with privilege for locking photos and videos.


AppLock by IVYMOBILE comes third in our list of best App locker apps for Android 2020. This particular AppLock is completely free, and does not include any premium version. It does all the basic stuff like other locking apps, which includes ability to lock photos, videos, and other 3rd party application/System application on your devices.

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The essential feature of this app is that it offers an invisible pattern lock as well just in time if anyone is trying to see your phone when entering password. Similar to the Norton App locker, the AppLock by IVYMOBILE can take a snap of user who don’t put the right password. It can even save phone power by 50% after enabling power saving mode in AppLock.

4. App Lock: Fingerprint Password

App Lock: Fingerprint Password is developed and published by Keepsafe which has active 5,000,000+ installs. The App Lock by Keepsafe is very easy to use considering its simple UI. You can put a PIN, Pattern, or Fingerprint lock for whichever app you want to lock. The best part of this applock is that it prevent uninstall and can hide PIN/Password touches when entering password in front of anyone. There’s even a premium version, which offers ad free experience. Out of all the app locker mentioned above, this particular app lock is easy to use, and has a simple UI.

5. AppLocker by BGNmobi

AppLocker by BGNmobi is yet another best app locker app, that does all the basic function of locking all the other apps. The AppLocker can lock all the apps like social media, Messaging apps, Gallery, etc. You do get fingerprint support as well, along with pattern unlock and password unlock support. It can prevent other users from uninstalling apps. There’s some customisation even involved with this AppLocker which support Themes with many color options.

6. Perfect AppLock(App Protector)

Perfect App Lock developed by Morrison software is another best app lock. This app is of just 8.4MB in size which has install of 10,000,000+. It does all the basic locking function as like the above mentioned apps, which can lock Facebook, Twitter, Skype, SMS, Email, Gallery, Camera, USB connection, Settings and any apps you choose. You get fingerprint lock support as well with password and pattern locking. As like AppLocker by BGNmobi, with the Perfect AppLock you get to tinker with Themes with many color options.

7. AppLock – Fingerprint

AppLock is an AppLocker that will lock and protect apps using a password or pattern and fingerprint. You can lock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery apps with password and prevent the apps from being exposed by snooper. With this AppLock, you can even hide the fact that lock the app with fake error window. The best part of this AppLock is that you can set a different password for each locked app, and can even lock or unlock remotely your device via SMS text. Support of PIN, Pattern, Password, Gesture, and Fingerprint is included as above apps.

8. Smart AppLock (App Protect)

Smart AppLock (App Protect) is yet another best app locker developed by ThinkYeah Mobile which has 10,000,000+ installs. This app supports languages like English, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, German, Portuguese, French, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Simplified Chinese, and Traditional Chinese. It can all the apps, incoming calls, settings, and can hide and encrypt pictures and videos with GalleryVault. It has support of Unlock with Fingerprint with devices running Android 6.0 and above.

So this was our best list consisting of “Best App Locker for Android in 2020. We recommend you trying out AppLock, Norton App Lock, AppLock By IVYMOBILE, as these are some of the best app locker currently available on Play Store. Also don’t forget to check out our previous stories, where we have wrapped out some of the best low mb games, best shooting games for Android, and best Android Pie Launchers.

What Are the Best App Locks For Android in 2020?

There are various best Android app lockers available on Play Store that offers amazing features and utilities to prevent unauthorized access to keep our personal things away from prying eyes.

Below we have mentioned a list of the 13 best app lockers for Android you should use in 2020.

1. AppLock by DoMobile Labs

AppLock is a powerful app to reckon with. It is one of the best android lock screen apps as it is used by most people from different parts of the world.

With the help of this, you can block unwanted access to any specific apps you wish to.

It has exciting features like fake cover for locked apps, taking selfies of intruders, blocking incoming calls, a vault for hiding media, and uninstall protection.

It is a fingerprint lock app too as it offers fingerprint security to its users along with pin codes and passkeys.

Who would dare to invade your privacy when you have this app?

2. Norton AppLock

Norton is a bigshot name in the best lock screen app world. Even in the app locker society, Norton rules at the top. This app does all the necessary tasks that an app locker needs to do, including protecting apps using a pattern/pin, safeguarding sensitive information and addition of a layer of security.

You can also protect your media, prevent uninstallation of applications and capture a, wait for it, a selfie of annoying intruders.

3. Privacy Knight

Privacy Knight is one of the best app locks for Android if you’re looking to keep meddlesome people away from accessing your personal information without your consent.

Privacy Knight is the knight in locking armor for all of us who suffer from constant privacy intrusion and don’t want their phone data getting into the wrong hands.

It locks all the important apps and even has a vault to save your pictures and videos.

To unlock, you can use a fingerprint scanner, PIN/pattern or a crash message, it all depends on you. It is a face lock app too as it uses face tracking to lock and unlock apps.

It is entirely ad-free (what a plus) and doesn’t have any in-app purchases.

4. Perfect Applock

With over 400 million users, Perfect AppLock is arguably one of the best app locks for Android.

Perfect Applock is a near-perfect solution to your privacy requirements for your phone. It lets you secure all applications on your device with a pin/pattern or a gesture password.

Apart from apps, you can also protect your network toggles like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and your internet data. And effectively manage screen rotation and screen brightness of locked apps.

Moreover, you can even lock incoming and outgoing calls (now no one can know your secret call history), and can have fake error messages displayed on locked apps.

5. AppLock by SpSoft

AppLock developed by SpSoft is the best Android app locker to protect your applications & other important documents from being exposed.

Also known as App lock Fingerprint, it features fingerprint, pattern and password unlocking.

The users can set up profiles, make sure that app locks activate depending on the Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection, lock system settings, rotation, backlight, and home screen, get the intruder selfie mailed directly to the registered email, and unlock the phone via SMS.

It also has App Lock Time, which enables locking at particular time junctions. Great for kids, isn’t it?

6. LOCKit

Even if you are not a big fan of Android App Lockers, then this best app lock & privacy guard from SuperTools will definitely make you one.

Does your significant other keep checking your call history and messages? Are your cousins troubling you with their constant game playing on your phone? Then you might just have to lock it.

Lockit is a splendid Android lock screen locker that helps guard your files and keeps your device in an excellent condition. It mostly consists of basic but very efficient features. You can use this app to scan your files, keep your notification bar clean, boost your phone, and secure your phone screen.

7. Hexlock Applock

What if you could lock, secure, and deactivate your apps according to the social surroundings that you’re in? Maybe you don’t want your social media alerts at work, or your gallery active while with parents at home?

You could actually do all that, and more, with the help of Hexlock.

Hexlock App Lock comes adorned with an amazing interface, handy tools and preset profiles like home, work, parental, school, etc. You can either edit these or create your own profiles. It allows you to set a password, PIN or a pattern to safeguard your private and confidential data.

8. Applock by IVY Mobile

Are you looking for the best app lock for android that can lock up almost everything on your Android phone? If yes, then your search ends here.

Applock by IVY mobile locks pretty much any app on your phone and boasts the ability to lock videos and photos. It can also lock up inbuilt applications such as gallery, contacts, settings and more. You’ll need to use a pin or a pattern lock for the security of the apps.

There are some additional features as well, like the ability to replace the icons, hiding of pattern while it’s being drawn, and shuffled keyboard.

9. Smart Applock

Our list of best app lock for Android would be incomplete without this elegant privacy guard.

Smart Applock is a gift to Android users who are looking for an apt app locker.

It comes bearing a range of features that prove its smartness. It has functions like break-in alerts, fingerprint scanner capabilities, auto-start upon reboot, and delayed lock app timer.

It provides the provision of PIN, password, and pattern to lock apps and other important data.

You can also lock or unlock your device remotely just by sending an SMS.

10. CM Locker – Security Lockscreen

CM AppLock is a decent app locker as it doesn’t offer anything flashy like its counterparts. The app supports basic fingerprint unlocking, letting the users lock their apps and settings.

Its lock screen comes with a variety of themes and styles that can be personalized according to the user’s liking and present a welcoming screen. You can even add a delay in re-locking apps to enhance the security of your phone.

11. MAX AppLock – App Locker, Security Center

If you’re looking for a free app locker for Android that can provide you 24/7 high privacy protection, then MAX AppLock is a must-have app for your mobile device.

MAX AppLock offers a variety of features and utilities like App Lock, Message Lock, Camera Lock, Photo Locker, and more to keep your private stuff safe and away from prying eyes.

12. App Lock by Smart Mobile Tools

This is another best app lock for Android available on the Play Store. Developed by Smart Mobile, AppLock has managed to gain a lot of attention due to its fairly intuitive and elegant interface. With AppLock installed on your device, you can easily lock apps, photos, videos, SMS, emails, contacts, and more.

From social media and system to mobile payment apps, it allows you to lock all kinds of apps using a password, pattern, and fingerprint lock.

13. AppLocker | Lock Apps – Fingerprint, PIN, Pattern

AppLocker might come last in the list of best app locks for Android, but it is definitely worth a try.

It is another excellent application to protect and lock apps through PIN, fingerprint, or pattern. With the help of AppLock, you can keep your privacy intact by locking all kinds of apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, Gallery, Messaging, Contacts, and more.

Unlike other Android app lockers mentioned in this list, it does not eat up a lot of phone’s memory, battery, and other system resources. That’s why AppLocker is worth a download.

Conclusion: Protect Your Privacy with Best Android Lock Apps 2020

These are some of the best app locks for Android on the basis of amazing features, ease of use, and popularity.

All of these aforementioned Android app lockers supports the fingerprint scanner and brings some unique privacy features, so you can choose the app that best fits your requirements.

So, we hope that the next time you worry about your phone privacy, you download an app lock from this list.

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Most popular lock apps for Android:

1. App Lock DoMobile Lab :

App Lock DoMobile Lab is one of the best app lock apps to keep your applications and private information safe and secure. It is a very simple to use with more than 100 million downloads. Apart from allowing to set a pin, pattern or password, it also allows using Fingerprint password if you are using Android 6.0 or above.

App Lock is available for free to download and use. However, you will need to unlock the premium features either by enabling ads or paying for the premium version via a donation.

2. Privacy Knight Applock :

Alibaba group also offers a lock apps for android named Privacy Knight Applock. It is ad-free and totally free. You can use any of the following:PIN, Pattern, fingerprint or face unlock to lock your apps. It further offers Secret Door feature, which allows you to change the app icon and disguise it.

Privacy Knight Applock prevents you from any unauthorized access, provides you a vault to keep your videos and photos safe. However, the most notable feature about this app is if anyone tries to sneak in without your knowledge, it captures a selfie of that person.

3. Norton App Lock :

Norton is another very popular android app locker out there. Norton is very famous for providing antivirus apps. It is a very simple to use and free, ad-free app lock available. It uses 4-digit PIN to lock up your apps along with a pattern or fingerprint scanner.

Norton App Lock provides a list recommending the apps that should be locked up. With Norton, you can lock one or more apps, furthermore, it also offers options to set a recovery email, along with a sneak peek feature that captures photos of anyone who tries to enter without authorization. Norton App Lock comes within a small package of less than 6 MB.

4. Keepsafe App Lock :

Keepsafe is one of the best and simplest app locker App for Android Marshmallow or above. It allows you to lock using pin, pattern or fingerprint. The application is ad-free, locks any application and also manages your gallery. It features an awesome Material Design UI.

A free version of the app is easily available but it features ads, however, you can make an in-app purchase to remove ads in the app.

5. MaxLock :

MaxLock is a very popular app lock for rooted Android devices only as it is based on Xposed Framework. MaxLock is a totally free and ad-free app. Unlike most other app lockers, it uses a battery and performance-friendly event recognition method. The locking methods include fingerprint, PIN, pattern and knock code.

It is an open-source app that includes a number of customization options, fake crash feature, a MasterSwitch to disable it easily, ability to remove thumbnail of apps in the recent window, and more.

6. CM Applock :

CM Applock for Android smartphones that protects you from anyone who tries to gain unauthorized access in addition to protection from virus and other infections. It saves the picture of an intruder who enters the wrong password. It also provides instant cleanup thereby, enhancing the speed of the device.

Furthermore, it secures your phone by providing the feature for locking the screen with pin, pattern, password and fingerprint lock. It locks the applications and hides personal information such as photos and videos. With CM App Lock, you can even choose the background of the lock page from your photos or get one of the themes inside the app.

7. LOCKit :

LOCKit is another great app lock application for Android users. It uses pin, pattern, and fingerprint to lock apps, hide photos, videos and other documents. You can even disguise your apps unlock screen and prevent anyone from breaking into your password. It further blocks and also cleans junk notifications.

It offers a no. of free themes, lock apps like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Messenger, Line, Gallery, Camera, Gmail, Skype etc along with locking Google Play Store, games, incoming calls. Furthermore, there is a power-saving mode, intruder selfie which can also be enabled to prevent uninstallation of any locked apps. It is totally free with no in-app purchases but contains ads.

8. Perfect Applock :

Perfect AppLock is another good app lock available for Android. It offers you to lock your data using pin, pattern or gesture. Watchdog privacy feature clicks the picture of any intruder after three unsuccessful attempts. The built-in camera can take a photo of the intruder after three failed attempts.

Moreover, you can lock outgoing and incoming calls, and it can also display fake error messages on locked apps. All the functions are available for free, and the app is ad-supported. The only difference between paid and free is that the paid version doesn’t have advertising.

Conclusion :

With this list, I hope it gets much easier for you to protect your data, documents, photos, videos on your Android smartphones. These apps can be of great help even in cases of theft where it is hard to get your mobile back but with anyone of these apps installed, it will be hard for the thief to go through our personal stuff.

Do comment if you enjoyed the article and also suggest any app lock you found impressive and I may have missed to include in this list.


Which app you use to hide or protect your files and other bits will depend on what you want to achieve. If you simply want to hide the files from showing up at all, you can do that without installing anything, but it isn’t going to offer much protection if you have data on there that someone wants (and has the opportunity) to access.

With so many apps to choose from on the Play Store, perhaps you have a favorite that isn’t on this list! Let us know which app you prefer in the comments below!

10 Best App Locks and Privacy Lock Apps for Android!

An Effective Guidance for Top Most App locks for Android Mobile

In these days, the Smart Phone contains a variety of sensitive data. You have a lot of personal information and messages in the form of messaging and in social media apps. Most of the businesspersons store their sensitive data in banking apps. The people have to give more security to some of the privacy apps like gallery apps, note-taking apps, shopping apps, etc from the third parties.

Choose the lock screen lock for providing two layers of security to your android phones. However, you have different types of applications are available on the play store, according to the features and utilities of your mobile. Now you are going to see about the top 10 app locks and privacy lock apps for Android mobile:

Table of Contents

#1: App lock (by Ivy Mobile)

The Applock can provide better security to your android phones. It has the ability to lock your videos and photos from third-party access. The features included in this Applock such as random keyboard as well as the invisible pattern lock for protecting your details effectively. The Applock offers the theming facility and also have the ability to hide your personal app, clock frequency and some more. It can even take a picture of the people, who are all trying to open your password. It offers a free service to Android users.

Download Here: Android

#2: Norton App lock

The Norton app lock plays an important role in the field of antivirus software vendors. It provides an ad-free Android app locker top their users. As well as, the users can able to lock their personal apps by either pattern/PIN or a fingerprint scanner. Apart from the security applications, it also offers capture pictures of intruders, safeguards photos, and prevent uninstallation of apps in your android mobile. A Norton app lock is introduced with many features and it provides guidance to lock your apps safely.

Download Here: Android

#3: App lock Fingerprint

It is considered as a decent Android lock app and also an Applock fingerprint can act as a user-friendly interface. The users can provide security to their personal apps by using a fingerprint scanner, PIN or Pattern. You can able to create different types of passwords for each locked in your mobile and also the fake icon can be added to the locked apps. If anyone tries to unlock your phone, the Applock can take a picture of the intruder and sent that details to your email address.

Download Here: Android

#4: Perfect App Lock

The perfect Applock offers great security to your applications by using a gesture password, PIN or pattern. The features are not only applicable for the third-party applications but also for the Bluetooth, internet data and your Wi-Fi. The screen filter and rotation lock are the important features, which is used to manage the screen brightness of individual apps and prevent your screen from unwanted rotation.

Download Here: Android

#5: Smart App lock

The smart Applock is used for providing security to your photos and apps, which includes phone apps, toggles, and your setting. Along with that, it also disguises as a lock screen. The features included in this app can offer a break-in alert, fingerprint scanner capability, auto-start upon reboot and delayed app locking to the users.

Download Here: Android

#6: Lockit

The Lockit is considered as an impressive apps locker, which offers security to your private files in your android mobile. With the help of this app, the users can able to lock their screen as well. A phone booster, built-in file, and a notification cleaner are included in this app. The master password for your phone can be created by using a PIN or Pattern. The Android app locker will help you to store your private photos and videos inside the separate vaults and hide them from your gallery.

Download Here: Android

#7: Finger Security

The FingerSecurity offers a lot of features to the users and it is considered as the best app lockers for Android. The protection features are greatly improved and the users can able to lock their screen via fingerprint. The app’s data and information will not be displayed in the recent screen. The latest version provides theming options to Android users; they can change their lock page with different backgrounds.

Download Here: Android

#8: CM App Lock

The CM app lock not only helps you to protect your android phone from the intruders but also from the viruses and some other infections. It offers an instant cleanup for speed up your android device. A lot of features are included in the CM Applock protects your phone effectively with a password, fingerprint lock, PIN and pattern. It allows the users to change the background color and set the themes as per their wish. Just like the other application, the CM app lock is also used to lock the private applications and hides your videos and photos. It takes the picture of the third party, who tries to open your phone.

Download Here: Android

#9: Max Lock

The MaxLock is the best choice for rooted android devices only. The users can able to get great features offered by the MaxLock if you have a rooted android device. It provides high priority to the performance and battery of your mobile. As well as the MaxLock is a completely free and ad-free app, this includes a Knock code, PIN, fingerprint, and pattern. The exposed methods installed in this app are much more powerful.

Download Here: Android

#10: Applock (DoMobile Lab)

If you want to keep your private information and applications with more safe and secure, you have to prefer the privacy lock apps like app locker for android mobile. Once the software application is installed in your mobile, it asks you to set a password, pattern or PIN number. The fingerprint method is only suitable for the Android version 6.0 or above. The lock screen background can be customized with the help of this feature.

Download Here: Android

Final thoughts:

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With the help of this app lockers awesome feature, you can able to identify the intruder, who tries to open your phone.

Just go through the information mentioned in the above, for providing high-level security to your android phones. Thus, these are all the topmost app locks and privacy lock apps for protecting your phone unwanted use.

11 Best App Lockers For Android To Lock Apps (2020)

Looking for best app lockers for android then, today we will share 11 best app locks for android to help you protect your privacy.

I get it, a smartphone is a personal gadget, and nowadays, smartphones have become an indispensable part of our lives. Smartphones contain a lot of personal and sensitive data.

We have our photos, messages, social media profiles, and more importantly, our banking applications.

So, we want to protect it from prying eyes. In some situations, you might want to prevent someone from accessing some specific apps on your smartphone.

So, the simplest solution is to lock apps using app lockers.

How to Lock Apps on Android

The answer is simple by using an app lock. An app locker for android is one the simplest way to enhance security and privacy.

With App locker, you can lock apps and set pin, fingerprint, or pattern to unlock those apps. The pin, fingerprint, or pattern can be different from the one which you might be used to unlock your android smartphone.

Android doesn’t offer built-in functionality to lock individual apps, but some custom ROMs does like MIUI, Lineage-OS, Oxygen OS, etc.

But the best part is.

There are no shortages of android apps to lock apps on Google play store. So if you are on stock android, then to lock apps, you need to install an app locker from the play store.

Today, we will help you in selecting the best app lock and privacy app locks for android. Let’s get started with the list of best app lockers to protect your privacy.

The list includes both free and paid app locks. But most of them are free. So, select a single app locker that you like.

Best App Lockers For Android in 2020

1 . Applock by DoMobile Lab

Rating: 4.3 | Price: Free

Applock by DoMobile lab is one of the most downloaded app lockers out there. With over 400 Million downloads, this app locker is undoubtedly the best app lock for android.

Applock lets you lock apps with password, pattern or fingerprint lock. Not only apps, but this app locker also allows you to hide pictures and videos as well.

For this specific purpose. It has a vault, where you hidden photos an videos from the gallery will be visible.

To further enhance, the security of the locker, App lock has a random keyboard and invisible pattern lock options.

Moreover, it offers well-designed themes, and intruder selfie option will help you take photos of intruders.

Also, it has uninstalled protection, then prevent someone from uninstalling the Applock app.

It has some more cool options like private SNS, hide app lock icon, brief exit, etc. All in all, this is the perfect app locker to lock apps for android.

2 . Norton App Lock

Rating: 4.6 | Price: Free

You have heard of Norton before, a popular name when it comes to antiviruses. And they do offer app locker for android. Norton App lock is entirely free, and the best thing is that the app doesn’t contain any ads either.

It offers locking apps using a password, pin, or pattern lock screen. This feature adds a layer of security if in case your phone gets stolen.

Moreover, with this app lock, you can lock videos as well as photos. Norton App lock also has Sneak peek anti-theft option, which will take a picture of the intruder trying to unlock your android apps.

Norton provides a recommendation of which apps you should lock with app lockers, but you are free to choose apps.

3 . LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock

Rating: 4.7 | Price: Free

LOCKit is one of the highest-rated app locks for android on the google play store. Without a doubt, one of the most stable android locker.

Offered by SuperTools Corporation, it is entirely free.

LOCKit has tons of useful features, and this is one of the reasons why it is considered by many to be the best app lock and privacy guard for android smartphones.

It also provides features like intruder selfie, various themes, fingerprint lock option, notification lock, safety reminder tools, fake cover, and more privacy options.

This app lock can also lock incoming calls, notifications, prevent uninstalling Lockit, and much more.

If you want a light app locker with lots of useful features, then LOCKit is what I recommend.

  • Download LOCKit – App Lock, Photos Vault, Fingerprint Lock

4 . MaxLock – Xposed App Locker

Rating: 4.6 | Price: Free

Maxlock is an open-source app lock for android. Being open-source, it is completely free. It is fast, lightweight, and uses a battery-friendly & efficient event recognition method instead of a polling service.

Unlike other app locks, it has no bloatware. Maxlock has beautiful and straightforward UI and has multiple locking options like Password, Pin, Pattern, Fingerprint, and Knock Code.

Knock Code lets you open apps on tapping on the specific area of the screen and a particular number of times.

It is highly customizable and allows per-app locking type and password, which no other app lock currently offers.

Moreover, Maxlock has fake crash features which false crashes the application when someone tries to open the locked app and uninstall protection.

You can hide notification and disable or remove the recent thumbnails of locked apps. It is one of the best locker apps to lock apps.

5 . MAX AppLock – App Locker, Security Center

Rating: 4.7 | Price: Free

MAX Applock is another excellent option for protecting privacy by locking apps on your android phone. There are lots of features that make this app lock one of the best android locker apps for android.

It offers multiple app lock styles to lock apps. Max Applock provides more options like intruder selfie options that take a photo of the intruder who tries to unlock your smartphone.

Also, like other apps top, it allows hiding photos and videos stores that file in the vault.

Notification organizer is also an advantage that hides unwanted app notifications. Look cover fakes the unlock screen into an error report.

It also has a built-in cleaner for removing junk files though this makes this app lock little bit power-hungry.

6 . AppLock by IvyMobile

Rating: 4.4 | Price: Free

Applock by IvyMobile is one of the great apps to lock apps. Applock can lock apps with different options like password, pin, and pattern.

You can choose your favorite themes from Applock theme store, or you can use your photos as a background.

With Applock, you can replace its icon with other icons like alarm, calendar, Weather, a notepad.

It enhances privacy so that others will find it difficult to find this app.

If you find app lock using more battery, then it has a power-saving option which will reduce the battery consumption.

It lacks unlocking with the fingerprint option.

7 . AppLock – Fingerprint

Rating: 4.3 | Price: Free

Again one of the best apps to lock apps and offers different options like password, pin, and pattern.

It has tons of features like Fake lock with lets to hide the fact that you use an app lock by display error windows, catch intruders feature which will take a picture is someone tries to unlock any app.

The app is simple, light, and fast which supports over 31 languages.

8 . AppLocker by BGNmobi

Rating: 4.4 | Price: Free

Applocker by BGNmobi is an app protector that lets you lock and protect apps using pattern, password, or fingerprint.

You can hide apps using this app locker with different themes options available. It also lets you prevent uninstalling apps from your android phone.

Applock by BGNmobi is a lightweight Android app locker option. Based on the material theme, the UI of this application is simple and elegant.

Moreover, you can also hide your photos and videos using this app lock.

9 . Apps Locker Master

Rating: 4.5 | Price: Free

App locker master is fast and lightweight Android app lock. You can lock apps and protect installing or uninstalling apps.

You can lock apps using pattern and pin. Moreover, you can customize its look by changing the background of the lock screen with images.

For more privacy, you can hide the Applock icon and using random password keys, pattern size, and invisible pattern.

And like other app locks, it also offers intruder protection which takes the selfie who tries to open the locked apps.

10 . Smart App Lock

Rating: 4.5 | Price: Free

Smart App lock is another great privacy guard and app lock for android. The design is elegant and straightforward.

Smart App lock offers locking apps using pattern, pin, and fingerprint.

It also has intruder selfie alert which takes a selfie of the intruder trying to unlock the locked apps.

Moreover, Smart app lock also has a disguise cover option which disguises someone who tries to open the locked apps.

One thing that is missing in this app lock is that it doesn’t have to uninstall protection. So, if someone finds it, then that person can easily uninstall it.

11 . Applock by TopDroidTeam

Rating: 4.6 | Price: Free

Applock is another excellent app to lock apps offered by Top Droid Team. Like any other app lock for android, you can lock apps with a password or a pattern.

Also, it has vault which you can use to hide images and videos. It does offer password and pattern lock themes.

Applock by Top Droid Team has three securities mode: Lock apps with password, pattern lock or DIY. The first two are self-explanatory. The third one, which is DIY lets you unlock apps with an image from your gallery.

Moreover, it does have the option to hide the screen pattern.

How do I lock apps on Android

Android doesn’t have a built-in app locker for android but there are tons of great app lockers for android available on Google play store that you can use to lock apps on android. Some of the best ones are Applock by DoMobile Lab and Norton App Lock.

Does Android 10 have App Lock

No, Android 10 doesn’t have built-in App Lock. But many custom rooms do come with built-in App locks for Android like MIUI comes with App Vault. Anyways. there are tons of apps that you can download from play store to lock apps.

How can I hide my app

There are many apps that let you hide your android applications. In fact, many app lockers come with the option to hide apps from the launcher and home screen. Moreover, you can use various methods to unhide the app depending on what you like. AppLock is one such great option.

Is AppLock safe

AppLock one of the best and most popular app lockers for Android to lock apps. But every app is vulnerable to hackers but for that device must be rooted. And that is true for every app, as rooting exposes your device to security issues. So, if you have not rooted your android device, then using the app lock is fairly safe.

How do I lock apps with fingerprint

Many app lockers allow the functionality of unlocking apps using fingerprint. Some of the best options are Lockit and MaxLock if you are looking for locking apps with a fingerprint.

Final Words: Lock Apps with the Top App Locker for Android

That’ it! These were the best app locks which you can use for your android device.

You can choose any one of the mentioned app lockers to lock apps and to ensure the privacy and security of your android device and your data.

So., try these apps to lock apps and let us know which one you are using in the comment section.

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