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The 10 Best Root Apps For Android (2020)

The 10 Best Root Apps For Android (2020)

Looks like you’ve finally decided to enable root access on your Android-based smart device.

Even though most Android apps can be quite awesome the best root apps can help them to offer up improved capabilities while running on foremost smartphones or tablets.

You can run apps that would otherwise be unavailable, boost battery life, remove preinstalled crapware, as well as enhance the overall processing power of your smartphone.

In other words, root apps belong to special software categories that were designed to enhance your control options while opening up your Android devices to new rooted possibilities.

In this post, we will be turning our attention to the best Android root apps you can install right now to tweak your mobile gadgets to the next performance level.

Android smartphone rooting preparations:

If this is your first time rooting an Android phone, make sure you do the following:

  • In your Smartphone’s device settings, activate “USB debugging mode” and “Install Apps from Unknown Sources.”
  • Don’t forget to make a full backup of your device.
  • Research and understand the process of Android rooting. It’s always best if you know what you’re about to do.

Things to remember:

  • Rooting isn’t a risk-free procedure. You can potentially damage or permanently brick your device rendering it useless.
  • Rooting will void your warranty.
  • In some countries, Android rooting is illegal.
  • In the United States, under the DCMA, it’s legal to root your smartphone. However, it’s illegal to root a tablet.
  • In European countries, rooting a device doesn’t void the warranty.

2. SuperSU Rooting App

SuperSU is one of the longest-running rooting apps for managing root privileges, and it’s even shipped with some ROMs as a result.

The Rooting app works even on the new devices and lets you have root access without having much trouble. With SuperSU Rooting app you won’t just root the device but you will have full access to the rooted device.

Using this root app, you can grant or deny permission to apps when they ask for root access.

Since it can record history, it allows those apps to access root without asking you again.

Also, it gives you the option to temporarily or completely unroot your Android tablet or phone according to your convenience. By SuperSu Android root app runs very fast and does not put an extra burden on the CPU.

Android Root Software for Mobile Phones

1. KingRoot App

One of the most popular 1-click Android root tool apps is KingRoot. Don’t get confused, “KingRoot” is different from “KingoRoot.”

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With over a million downloads, the “KingRoot” is one of the best and fastest ways to root an Android device. Simply download the APK, install it, then launch the app to start rooting. Easy, isn’t it?


  • Most Popular Rooting App
  • 1-Click rooting
  • Can root Android 8.0 (tested with Huawei p10)
  • Comes with “Unroot” feature


  • Lack of support for later Android versions

KingRoot is considered as a root tool for “lazy people.” People who just want to root their devices without the hassle of flashing third-party recovery. This app can work on most devices. (especially devices with Android 2.x – 5.0.)

How to Root Android using KingRoot App:

  1. On your preferred browser, go here and download the KingRoot APK.
  2. Install the KingRoot app.
  3. Tap “Try it” then tap “Get now.” The app will start rooting your device.

2. One Click Root App

The second rooting software app that I recommend is the One Click Root app. As the name suggests, all you have to do is install the app and click the root button to start rooting.

The One Click Root app supports Androids 2.2.X to 4.0.X. For devices running on later Android versions, you can use the “Remote root service” of this app. Your device will be rooted by one of their experts via Team Viewer.


  • 1-Click rooting
  • Remote rooting feature
  • Straightforward and easy to use
  • Can root Android 8.0 (tested with Huawei P10)


  • Contains Ads
  • No “Unroot” feature

One Click Root is a free app that you can download from their official site here.

How to Root using One Click Root App:

  1. On your browser, go to https://www.oneclickroot.com/download-apk/ and download the One Click Root APK.
  2. Install the app and launch it.
  3. On the home page UI, tap “Root Now.” The app will prompt with “Scan device compatibility.
  4. Tap “Scan now.
  5. If your device is supported, it will let you proceed to the rooting process.

3. Root Master App

If you’re new to Android rooting, one app that I can highly recommend for beginners is the Root Master app.

Similar to other root apps, the Root Master app also offers a 1-click root feature. Simply, download the APK then install it. Once done, all you have to do is launch the app then tap “Root now.


  • Unrooting feature
  • 1-click rooting
  • Managing utility
  • Free Android root software
  • Great rooting tool for beginners


  • Not universally used

How to root using root master:

  1. Download the Root Master APK.
  2. Install it and launch it. Tap “Start” to begin rooting.
  3. If your device is compatible, you’ll be prompted to rooting UI.
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If you want more choices, you can learn more by clicking here.

Best App for Rooting Android Devices (2020)

1. Kingo Root

This latest version of the Kingo Root apk is one of the best root apps you can download and use right now to gain root Android access on your device. This one-click rooting application comes with an impressive success rate.

Also, you can choose to enable either the PC or mobile version of the Kingo Root software. It is free-to-use, and compatible with several popular models of Android smartphones and tablets which include Samsung, Sony, Google, Micromax, HTC, ZTE, etc.

2. FramaRoot

We strongly recommend you try out FramaRoot so you can discover for yourself why it has ranked among the best Android root apps currently on the software market. This popular one-click root solution will enable you to unlock root capabilities on your Android smartphone or tablet.

Moreover, it can be used to manage other applications’ root rights & permissions. There’s even a special root web browser that comes with Android root system file navigation. Like Kingo Root, FramaRoot also provides support for the foremost Android devices.

3. CF-Auto-Root

Are you looking to make a smooth transition to root access on your Android device? If yes, then you’ll be pleased to know that this latest CF Auto Root apk version is one of the best root apps you can use for this purpose.

It is user-friendly and will root your device quickly. And while it doesn’t provide support for a wide range of smartphone models like other root apps on this list, it gets the job done once you can get it to work on your device.

4. 360 Root

Let’s introduce you to 360 Root; one of the best Android root apps we’ve sampled recently. It is a great tool to have if you wish to enable root permissions on your Android mobile or PC.

360 Root can boast of an impressive rooting success rate on a wide range of supported smartphone and PC models. And even though the app comes in Chinese language versions – just like the website – it is still quite intuitive and has a user-friendly design and control options.

5. OneClickRoot

So you want to install the best app for rooting Android devices?! One Click Root has ranked among the most intuitive rooting software tools out there for Android devices. After a successful installation, you are just one click away from rooting your Android device and unleashing its full potential.

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It even features a live chat support feature so you can go ahead and ask the app developers direct questions on any issues you may have.

6. Root Master

You’ll definitely enjoy the improved performance levels of your Android gadget after using the Root Master tool to tweak it. Root Master is one of the best root apps on this list that can boast of robust optimized algorithms you can use to improve overall speed, stability, & battery performance levels on lots of Android-based gadgets.

This awesome one-click rooting application is the perfect tool for beginners. The Root Master software works by detecting the Android version of your smart device automatically. Afterward, it will let you know if rooting will be possible.

7. iRoot

This is iRoot; yet another high-performance tool and one of the best root apps you can find out there. With iRoot for Android, you have a top solution that will allow you to root most Android smartphone and tablet versions.

The iRoot app has already performed 300 million successful roots for Windows and Android systems alike. This free app is also quite easy-to-use.

8. Towel Root

With this latest Towel Root apk version, you have one of the best root apps on this list that features a minimalistic design. Despite its small size, it can effectively root your Android-based gadgets after just a few seconds.

It offers yet another one-click rooting solution for foremost smartphone models like Samsung Galaxy, or the Nexus range of devices.

9. Z4 Root

You can opt for Z4 Root if you wish to enable rooting privileges on your mobile phone. This unique and powerful software tool is one of the best root apps available for Android-based devices.

It comes in a lightweight size that ensures minimal interruption of your phone’s performance. Furthermore, it receives the latest security updates regularly from the developers.

10. Root Genius

This final entry on our list of best root apps is already a popular root access solution for Android systems. The Root Genius app is compatible with just about any Android device.

You’ll probably be better off using the PC version of Root Genius since the mobile edition comes in Chinese. You’ll find lots of tutorials on the desktop site along with a troubleshooting section to provide any help you might need with rooting your smartphone or tablet.

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