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Top 9 Best Cache Cleaner Android Apps – 2020

Top 9 Best Cache Cleaner Android Apps – 2020

The more you use your phone, the more unnecessary files you collect, cache gets piled up, and so on. Luckily, there are quite a few apps available for Android that can help you clean your smartphone’s software, and that goes for cache, junk files, and so much more. Such apps are far less needed than before, as Android does maintain itself, but they surely can help.

We’ve put together a list of our favorite cache cleaner apps for Android, though these apps are so much more than that. Cache cleaning is just one of their features. Almost every single app listed here has a secondary feature that is just as useful. They can help you clean junk files, boost your apps, clean data, and so much more. As a result, your phone will run better, and you’ll have less clutter to dig through.

Do note that we’ve selected 9 cache cleaner Android apps here. These are only our choices, as there are a ton of such applications available in the Google Play Store. You may prefer some other apps, of course. There were too many good ones to list here, to be quite honest, so we had to choose. Read on if you’re interested.

Orange Cache Cleaner is a small tool used for clearing application cached files. One Tap is all you need to clean all cached files, therefore getting more available space. There’s no need to ROOT the phone!

This tool can free up a lot of storage memory on your phone so you can get more internal ROM storage. Anyone who has memory management issues NEEDS to use this app. This way you can stop low memory warnings, fix low memory and fix your buggy android phone. If you’re running out of app storage, you can get extra available storage space by clearing cache and data files created by applications.

— 1-tap to clear all cached files
— Automatic scan when you open the app
— Auto exit when all cached files are cleaned
-Clear cache for a specific application
— List of Applications by their cache size or app name
— Cleaning of residual files
— Safelist feature to protect apps you don’t want cleaned

— If you want to clear ALL cached files, all you have to do is press on the »Clean Cache» button

Q: How can I clean the cache?

A: It’s very easy to do, just open Orange Cache Cleaner and tap the ‘Clean Cache’ button. It will clear the cache for your phone.

Q: What is a cached file?

A: A cached file is a mechanism for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images. This is used to reduce the bandwidth usage, perceived lag and server load. Cached files store copies of documents passing through it. Then, future requests can be accessed from the cache if certain conditions are met.

These cached files are stored in the phone built-in memory and they can sometimes take a lot of storage space. When clearing your cached files, you are able to recover precious phone memory space. The most important thing is that these files can safely be cleared, without any risk.

Q: What data do you gather from users?

A: As you can see, we don’t ask for any permissions to access data from your phone, other than what needs to be accessed. We don’t gather or store data from ANY of our users, your privacy is safe when using our app.


*** Support devices with Android 6.0、7.0、7.1 Android operating system. ***
***Better coverage with advanced service. ***
App Cache Clean Master is an Easy and Simple cache manager for Android devices. It can Clean Cache & Junk for apps, Free Up storage space, Boost Up & Speed up your phone’s speed and performance ! Always release storage space for your favorite APPs. With this space saver, you can remove junk and free up storage space from these apps without worrying about cleaning the wrong files. Besides, the power cleaner can help speed up your device when you play Games. And the best thing is, you DON’T have to ROOT your phone by our cache tool !

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App Cache Cleaner Highlights:

Cache Clean Tool
★ Cache Cleaner — 1 tap Clean & Scan and refresh. System Cache Clean tool for all apps
★ Boost up phone — Clean cache for better game experience. Speed up phone.
★ Power Cleaner — Clean background tasks, remove junk files, release storage space and save battery power

Junk Remover
★ 1 tap Clean & Scan & Eraser junk files on your Android phone and Eraser them
★ Remove junk files which you think useless
★ Release storage space & your phone’s RAM , so you can enjoy using a bigger and speedier phone
★ Clean history to save phone memory

App Manager
By long tap any app in the app list, you can:
— Uninstall multiple unwanted applications
— Backup & Upload apps to cloud drive such as Google Drive, Dropbox, etc.
— Share apps by a third party
— Show app detail page
— View app on Google Play Store
— Open/launch app
— No ads ( all users )

★ Refresh & Clean cache when you open the app
★ Auto cache clean at a specified interval
★ Cache Clean tool for chosen apps
★ Sort apps by either cache size or app name
★ Clean up files which are full of junk
★ Release storage space on your device
★ Auto clean history
★ 1 tap phone boost up Widget
★ Optimize your Android in just a few clicks
★ Easy & simple user interface

✔ Remarks
If you just want to clean up all cache files AND boost up your phone, you don’t need to wait for the completion of the apps list. When you open the app, it have already refreshed the cache files automatically, Just tap the ‘Clean All Cache Files’ button.
You can rebuild the app list by tapping the refresh button and choose a sort type by using Sort button.
For more settings, please tap MENU > Settings.

Q: How to clean up the system cache?
A: Open App Cache Cleaner and tap the refresh button and then tap the clean button, and it will clean cache for your phone automatically.

Q: What is a cached file?
A: A cached file is a mechanism for the temporary storage (caching) of web documents, such as HTML pages and images, to reduce bandwidth usage, server load, and perceived lag. A cached file stores copies of documents passing through it; subsequent requests may be satisfied from the cache if certain conditions are met.
The cached files are stored in the phone built-in memory and sometimes can take a lot of storage space. By clean files, you are able to release storage space and boost up your phone. Most importantly, the cached junk files can be removed.

App Cache Cleaner — 1Tap Clean

App Cache Cleaner – приложение для операционной системы Android, помогающее пользователю очищать кеш от засевших туда приложений и различных процессов. На сегодняшний день это одна из самых актуальных проблем у мобильных устройств. Оперативную память постоянно занимают программы, которые работают в фоновом режиме. Иногда это удобно, а иногда совершенно лишнее, так как бесценные мегабайты памяти очень важны. С помощью данной программы Вы сможете удалять ненужные процессы очень быстро.

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Данная программа сканирует всю память и выводит с помощью списка все процессы, которые в данный момент времени находятся в памяти. Пользователь имеет возможность удалять их в выборочном порядке или выключить абсолютно все нажав на кнопку в низу экрана. Однако стоит помнить, что не все процессы стоит удалять из оперативной памяти. Если вы общаетесь с друзьями по средствам социальных сетей или других программ, то удалив их Вы не получите уведомлений о приходе новых сообщений. А это, согласитесь, не желательный результат. Поэтому мы рекомендуем в ручном режиме убирать по-настоящему не нужные процессы.

Также в программе встроена возможность удалять временные файлы, оставшиеся от различных программ. Например, интернет обозреватели или все возможные программы для обмена сообщениями. В ходе работы с ними, накапливаются все возможные картинки, текс и прочие данные. Сделано это для ускорения работы, однако у данной полезной функции есть один минус. Со временем этих файлов накапливается огромное количество, и они могут занимать гигабайты памяти мобильного устройства. Удалять их своевременно как раз и поможет данное приложение.

Настраивая программу, есть возможность изменить интервал автоматической очистки. Также стоит настроит автоматические уведомления, которые напоминают о том, что нужно провести очистку. Установите от какого количества мегабайтов Вам необходимо, чтобы приложение выставляло напоминание. А также сколько раз в день это нужно делать. Есть регулировка, позволяющая убрать все процессы, как только приложение было запущено. App Cache Cleaner – удобная программа, очищающая кеш мобильного устройства, позволяет делать это в автоматическом или ручном режимах. Содержит в себе удобные настройки, позволяющие гибко отрегулировать ее под конкретного пользователя.Скачать быстрый инструмент для очистки кэш файлов приложений — App Cache Cleaner на Андроид вы можете по ссылке ниже.

Разработчик: Apex Apps Платформа: Android 4.1 и выше Язык интерфейса: Английский Состояние: Free (Бесплатно) Root: Не нужен


App Cache Cleaner Pro — v7.4.5 (новая версия)[Размер файла — 6,39 Mb]
App Cache Cleaner[google play]

Автор: raz0r 2019-10-14 Всё для Joomla В» Joomla модификации Данный материал предоставлен сайтом ProWebber.ru исключительно в ознакомительных целях. Администрация не несет ответственности за его содержимое. Скачать бесплатно Cache Cleaner PRO v7.1.0 — очистка кэша Joomla. Cache Cleaner PRO — новая версия популярного плагина для быстрой очистки всего кеша одним кликом в панели администратора. Вы получаете быструю ссылку в правом верхнем углу Joomla.Демо:https://www.regularlabs.com/extensions/cachecleanerРасширение легко удаляет папку tmp, опустошает папку кэша, очищает кеш обновлений, очистить старый кэш. В про версии доступно сохранение кеша при сохранении, очистка за определенный интервал, очиста пустых таблиц базы данных, очистка стороннего JRE, очистку динамического кеша SiteGround, совместимость с популярным компонентом JotCache.Cache Cleaner PRO v7.1.0 Z cachecleaner-v7.1.0-pro.zip Размер: 1.22 Mb, скачали 392 раз В Благодарностей: 16 Softmaster, NikolayZe, huggi, kudryavtsev, Ross999, lev731, 4Nemo, alexnic81, cocokoko, mrice2004, carapax, arepik, Thoros, BloodyBakala, roymustafa, htline Отредактировал raz0r — 2019-10-14 Причина: обновлено до 7.1.0 Просмотры: 4285 :: Комментарии (2) :: :: Нужна помощь? Задайте вопрос на форуме :: Уважаемый посетитель, Вы зашли на сайт как незарегистрированный пользователь. Мы рекомендуем Вам зарегистрироваться либо войти на сайт под своим именем. Информация Посетители, находящиеся в группе Гости, не могут оставлять комментарии в данной новости.

Скачать Cache Cleaner для Android:

App Cache Cleaner Orange Cache Cleaner Cleaner Cleaner Booster DU Cleaner UC Cleaner Cache Cleaner — Clear Cache Mobile Optimizer & Cleaner Smart Booster Fast Cache Cleaner: очистка и ускорение телефона Mobi Cleaner Cleaner + усиление аккумулятора 0 комментариев

*** NOW supports devices with Android 6.0/Android 7.0/Android 7.1 operating system. Better coverage with advanced service. ***

App Cache Cleaner is an Easy & Simple phone cleaner and booster for Android devices. It can clean Cache & Junk & Trash of applications and storage, Free Up storage space, Accelerate & Boost phone speed and RAM, improve the performance of your Android device. And the best thing is, you DON’T have to ROOT your phone anymore to do so!

* System Cache Clean· Cache Cleaner – 1 tap to Scan & Clear all application caches· Phone Booster – Speed up and boost phone for a better performance· Boost Cleaner & Power Cleaner – Free up RAM and save battery power

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* Junk Files Remover· 1-tap to Scan & Delete all junk files on your devices· Free up your storage for more available space· Boost phone for better game experience

* App ManagerBy long pressing any item in the app list, you can:– Share apps by the third party– Backup & Upload apps to cloud drive– Show application details page– View application on Google Playstore Market– Open/launch application– Uninstall applications which have cached files

* Features· Auto fresh & Auto clean when you open the app· Auto clean cache at a specified interval· Clean cache for special applications· Sort applications by either cache size or app name· Clean residual files· 1-tap phone boost Widget(coming)

The cached files are stored in the phone built-in memory, and sometimes can take a lot of storage space. Through the clearing of cached files, you are able to recover precious phone memory space. Most importantly, the cached files can safely be cleared.

What’s New v6.3.8:– NOW support devices with Android 6.0/Android 7.0/Android 7.1. Better coverage with advanced service.– Fix widget function– Fix auto cleanup– Fix some UI bugs

Please let us know how it works for you by sending us a note to app-feedback@trustlook.com. Looking forward to hear from you!

Additional information

Name App Cache Cleaner – 1Tap Boost Package mobi.infolife.cache Version 6.3.8 Size 3.70 MB Requirement Android 4.0 and up Updated Jan 13, 2017 Installs 10,000,000+ downloads Developed By Apex Apps Now a days every android user has a common problem that My Phone get slow after some Time it issue occur due to large amount of Cache Memory hold by installed application.

Cache & History Cleaner app will provide you all the details of Cache Memory used by any of your installed application, you can know which app is making your phone slow by its Cache used size.You can simply click on Clean All button to clear you all application cache or you can clear cache individual also.

Other Important creature of this app is that you can clean Browser,Gmail,Google Play,Google Maps history form History Cleaner Feature.

Notification feature of this application will notify you if any app is taking large amount of Cache.

Key Features✔ Single tap to clear all cached files✔ Show the all applications generated cache and sum of cache there sizes. ✔ View application detail ✔ Alert on Cache uses✔ Auto cache clear all cache at a specified interval.✔ User-friendly UI:

Whats Special

Want to get Best Security App for you Phone Download Hi Tech App Lock its Free.

  • Price: Free to download
  • In-app purchases: No
  • Android version: 4.1+

The last app on this list, and certainly not the least, is Norton Clean. Norton is yet another well-known brand in the tech world, as the company makes well-known antivirus software. In any case, its Norton Clean app is just as good. It’s actually one of the best apps to keep your phone clean of junk, and performing as it should.

Cache cleaning is included, of course, but so is a tool for removing junk files, unused APKs, and residual files. The ‘Memory Optimizer’ tool can perform a clean sweep removal of junk files that waste memory space and compromise device performance, says the company. This app also comes with an ‘App Manager’ tool.

That tool will help you uninstall bloatware, and unwanted apps. It will tell you which apps you don’t use regularly, and thus suggest you to remove them. You can also use this tool to move your apps to an SD card. This app does not include ads, nor does it come with in-app purchases, it’s completely free to use… and its UI is extremely simple, and it looks great.

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